How to get out of credit card debt – 10 easy steps to get out of credit card debt fast!

This article is based on bitter experience. I was forced to pay back card debts in the past. It doesn’t matter how much debt you have, there are ways to get rid of it. You will be able to consolidate and negotiate credit debt with ease. It worked for me, it could work for you. It’s simple to follow because I broke it down into steps.

Resolve Debt – The Current Reality

It’s important that you understand the history of your debt before you attempt to get out of it. Most people used debt to buy stuff because it was easy and cheap during the low interest rates on credit cards and loans. Many of us bought investments that we believed would increase in value which pushed us into debt. We are now stuck, and we need to get rid of our credit card debt.

The Cure for Debt Slavery and How to SUPERCHARGE your Debt Repayments!

Step 1

Mindset Change Required to Get Out Of Card Debt

You must change your mindset. It is not worth getting out of debt to be back in, so you will need to make some changes in your thinking.

How to Get out of Card Debt:

1) Don’t use debt to purchase things that you don’t need.
2) Only use debt to invest in income-producing assets.

This is what I will say again: Don’t use debt to purchase things that you don’t need. Only use debt to invest in income-producing assets.

Stop living on debt money. Instead, start living on income money. Otherwise you will go back to debt. You may say that you are in serious debt, but your income is less than your monthly obligations. And you’re trying desperately to pay off credit card debts. Continue reading to learn how I do it.

You got in debt because you spent more than what you earned. This is why you have to make a change. To help you get rid of your debt faster, I have created a section that will show you how to SUPERCHARGE it. You can find more information under Supercharge your Debt Busting.


You can cut your cards in half, but you shouldn’t tear them up.


Open a spreadsheet to list all your debts, including the name of each card and the bank with which it is associated. Then, list the interest rate you are paying and how much each month.

The bank can help you determine the interest rate if you don’t already know it. You can arrange them in priority repayment order. Also, list your credit limit, outstanding balance, and highest rate. This will help you budget. This is done to gain control over where you are at the moment. This will help you to determine if your cashflow is sufficient.

If you find that your monthly budget is not sufficient, you should work to reduce your outgoings or increase your income. This will be covered in another article.


Add up all the monthly loan and credit card payments and you have your monthly budget. Add your income to the amount. You can do two things if you don’t have enough or your figure is negative. Accessing more income is not enough. You must also reduce your spending without sacrificing your quality of living. This is possible. I will show you how to reduce your spend and not increase your quality of life. See SUPERCHARGE your debt repayments.


All credit card companies should be contacted, but do not use the premium rate numbers. For landline numbers, if you are in the United Kingdom, go to saynoto0870 Tell your card companies that you are a loyal customer for x years, and then ask politely how much debt reduction they can offer you.

Don’t use the words “can you”, don’t let them say “no”. Instead, formulate it so they can say yes. This is how to negotiate credit card debt. You can also check if they are able to offer you a lower rate on existing debt. If they ask you if you are in financial trouble, say no. Instead, explain that you are streamlining your finances and cleaning up.


Conduct a credit assessment of yourself. This is an important step in getting out of credit card debt. It allows you to assess your financial situation and see what information is being kept. You can get a free credit check or a free credit report. To cancel your free period, you must set up an email reminder from your gmail/hotmail account to remind you. To get an update, you can do it again within 3 months with another company. Pay attention to the fine print! Checkmyfile is a great option if you are in the UK.

You should reduce your direct debit payments if you are missing payments or have a negative cash flow. You’re in a better place to get out of debt if you have more than one month.


Apply for 0% credit cards to consolidate your credit card debts. You should compare which cards have the longest balance transfer fees and the longest validity. For more information, see my article Magic tricks with credit cards.

To consolidate credit card debt, transfer as much as possible to the card with the lowest interest rate. You can also get a personal loan at a lower rate from a bank. Calculate the amount of your monthly repayments and include it in your budget. You should budget how much you can repay. All credit card payments should be made on the minimum amount. You can then overpay your credit cards if you have more cashflow than the minimum monthly due to the lower interest.

There are two ways to do this. You can either target the highest-rate card first or the one with the lowest outstanding balance. The strategy that gives you the most control after you pay it off will determine which strategy is best. The smaller rates were the best for me so I started paying more. To make it easy to overpay, set up an automatic payment separate from your bank account. It doesn’t really matter how small the extra monthly payment is, it will still help you get rid of your credit card debt.


After you have paid off your card, you can use the extra cashflow to pay off any remaining debt. As you can see, you are making good progress. The repayment system is getting more effective and will eventually get you out from credit card debt. To speed up the process of settling credit card debts, add the monthly cashflow you used to pay off the first credit card.

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After you have settled your next credit card, add the payment amounts to your account and continue. Keep going until you have paid off all of your other debts and cards. You will see a difference in your credit score. Then you can borrow more at 0% or lower rates. And you can consolidate to increase your cashflow. You can check your file at Checkmyfile every 3rd month to see how it has changed.

How To Supercharge Your Debt Busting Strategy:

You must now face the facts. You need to make a few changes in order to become financially free. There is no other choice. Imagine what it would be like to have no debt and your monthly salary.

Step 10

Super charge you debt – Kill your Debts Super Quick

You need to earn more if you want to quickly settle your credit card debts and get rid of it. You can also start a variety of online income streams if you are already employed. It is easier than you might think. This will allow you to live from the money you already have and not from bad debt. You can make extra money so that you don’t fall back into debt. You can also use this extra cash to repay your debt faster by increasing your payments to reduce your credit card debts.

You can’t buy something if you don’t have the money. Don’t get into debt. Instead, create a business to make money and buy the things you need.

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