How to balance family life and work for a working mom

Let me begin by saying that I love my children and I love working. It can sometimes be difficult to find the time to manage a busy schedule, like the new 12 to 12, or 9 to 5, and a young family. I thought I’d share some tips that I have learned to maximize multitasking. Because working moms are not likely to be able sit down and sip mimosas while we pack up the car to take our children off to college, they’re going to need to do so with a napkin.

Tip #1
“Full Hands up, Full Hands Down”: Don’t allow your husband or children to go upstairs or down without transporting anything that is needed on another floor or part of the house. As a mom, you must be organized and alert. I collect things that need to be taken up and down at each step. This ensures that the next person to pass it will know where they are. Be alert if you see your brood crossing it and shout “Full Hands up(Down).

Tip 2:
“Say no to Snooze”: Get up an hour earlier than usual (about 10 minutes) to check your mental To Do List and get ready for work. It seems like I am 20 minutes late in the day if I take 10 minutes more in the morning. It’s amazing what you can accomplish.

I found that I can do 2-3 of the following:
– Empty the dishwasher, provided that it is run right before you go to bed the night before.
Vacuum an area of your house that is likely to be used later, preferably one that you will use when you return home.
Marinate some frozen chicken or meat in an open container or ziploc bag. It will be tender and ready for grilling when you return home for a quick dinner.
You can throw your clothes in the washer and dry them in the dryer. This is a great time-saver!
Empty all waste baskets from the house. It feels great to get rid of all that garbage before you go on your way.

Tip #3
“Go Ahead, View TV” – You may feel guilty about watching TV after a long day. Or you might just be looking forward to relaxing and enjoying your favorite show. You can do it, but don’t feel guilty. Grab that laundry load you have in your dryer and get to folding those clothes. Do not pull the clothes out of the dryer until you are ready to fold them. Otherwise, you will end up with piles that you haven’t folded and that will undoubtedly clutter your room.

Tip #4
“Rub-A-Dub-Dub”, – Bathtime in our house is insane and a draining on my time (no pun intended). It is difficult to get the kids into the tub. Once they are in, it’s even harder to get them out. I let them have fun in the tub and let their toes and fingers grow while I cleaned the bathroom. I am already there, waiting for the madness of it to end so I make it productive for myself. After it’s over, my sink and the kids are sparkling clean.

Tip #5
“Strike Up the Iron”- Okay, this is not something that anyone likes, but it is a necessity for many. I keep things in the garage for 3-4 weeks, and then get to work on all my items at once. I set up shop with my clothes, linens, and a cup of tea and a remote control to Food Network. While doing the chore, I also learn a new recipe for lunch. This one might sound a little too June Cleaver-ish. But I do it. If you don’t have the time or desire to cook or iron, skip it.

Tip #6
“Purge” is a must for all pack rats. You will have less clutter to clean. Eliminate clutter. I collect a trash bag once a month and take it around the house to fill it. You can keep a separate bag to hold clothes and books. Do not forget to clean out your closets. There are a lot of junk that needs to be removed from your closets. Don’t keep it if you don’t understand it or haven’t used it for 6 months to one year. You can do it again! Less is more! You can put them in boxes or let them rest in your attic. They are not meant to be in your living area. It may seem difficult for some of you, but it is quite liberating.

The end result of doing any or all of these things is that you will have more time with your family to do the things you truly enjoy. Although I earn a decent living in Manhattan’s finance industry, my ultimate goal is to be able to travel with my family and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

I hope this article was helpful. I would love to hear from you as a working mother.

Enjoy the present moment and live it!

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