Five Tips to Have a Successful Family Life

The micro-unit of larger society is the family. The success of the family is crucial to society’s success. We should all be actively involved in the pursuit of family success.

People who are trying to build their families through marriage spend a lot of their time and energy preparing for their weddings instead of planning for the marriage. This is even more concerning because they feel like they are preparing to marry while they are busy planning their wedding. They are two completely different things. The best wedding does not make a great marriage. This is the only way to have a happy family. If you aren’t yet married, your efforts in getting married would be more beneficial if you were to learn the principles, practices, and purpose of marriage according God the Creator.

These five tips will help you achieve a happy family life.

* A solid foundation

* Commitment

* Teamwork

* Respect

* Forgiveness

A Firm Foundation

A foundation is just as important for physical structures like buildings to withstand windstorms, rains, and other natural forces. Families need to have a solid foundation in order to grow and support their family.

This could be a family’s philosophy that they have come together to follow and be their guiding light. Others may consider it religion. It may be a book for some families. Based on my personal experience, and those of others I know, I believe that the Judeo-Christian Bible, and other scriptures used in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are the places where they get the ideology that firmly cements their family foundation.

The Bible is full of information, ideas, and strategies God has provided that provide a solid foundation for building a family.

Joyful relationships are built on faith in God.


It is difficult to raise a family. It’s not easy. Commitment is a key attitude in raising a family. Commitment also means dedication, promise, vow, obligation, guarantee, duty, responsibility, etc. It is so essential that everything depends on this attitude. You cannot achieve success in your family life if you don’t see the creation and maintenance of the family as your responsibility, obligation, and cause to which you have dedicated your whole life. All other successes that we can claim as humans are ruined by failure at the family level. It is essential to make a commitment to your family and live for them. It should be complete. It must be total.


If you don’t decide to marry, you’re a lonely ranger. When you marry, you form the core of one of the most powerful teams in the world. Also, the word team can be used to refer to a squad, group, or unit. Work also refers to effort, labour, hard work, toil, action and exertion.

Marriage relationships are sustained by team effort, labour toil, exertion, and hard work. Many couples view marriage as a contest. This should not be the case. You must work together as a team to have a happy family. Imagine a soccer team. They only win when they work together as a team. Relay race teams win when they work together as a team.


Respect can also refer to reverence, veneration and high opinion. For happy relationships, mutual respect is a key element. In a marriage relationship, mutual respect is essential. I strongly suggest that people who are in a relationship with each other in dating should not be able to respect one another completely. It can be difficult to maintain a spirit of mutual respect. If you want to have a happy family, it is important to learn to respect your spouse. This respect should be reciprocal.


Forgiving others who have wronged you is better than any pain relief drug. When we try to create a family that involves marriage, a fusion between two people, think about the scientific process of Fusion. This leads to the inclusion of other lives. This process produces heat, but also heat through arguments, offences, and quarrels. These are all necessary challenges for building the most important purpose in life – a family. During this process, we can offend our spouses, children, and parents.

Even those who have been married for a few months will attest that there are always misunderstandings in building a family.

Family finance, extended families, neighbours, environmental problems, religion, and so on can all be a problem. There are many obstacles to building a family.

Forgiveness is the only cure for this and other family challenges. This is not possible if you are right, logical and emotionally clear about the issues at hand. The apologies of either spouse or both cannot save the situation. Forgiveness is the only real panacea.

Forgiveness allows both spouses to be free and gives them the ability to regain their energy and focus to continue the work to build a family.

At the moment, I’m practicing and theorizing advanced forgiveness in my family life as well as in my business dealings with everyone I deal with.

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