School Yearbooks: Make Your Own to Save Money


Is your school one of the many that’s facing unending budget cuts? If it is, you’re probably wondering how you can help the institution save money and still keep certain programs in place. One of the first things to go when budgets get tight is the school yearbook so you’ll be glad to know that you can make your own and save some money. Here’s a rundown of how you can do so:

  • The first step is to have your students design and create the contents of the yearbook. Allow them to get creative and experiment with different fonts, layouts, and such. Once the book is put together, you can start thinking about printing it. Using your school’s photocopier is the cheapest way to do this. You can either use regular 20 lb. bond paper or something a little bit fancier. Whichever paper you choose, make sure your machine can handle it.
  • When your books have been printed, it’s time to select the covers for them. You’re going to need thermal binding covers. These covers have adhesive in the spines that melt when they’re placed in a thermal binding machine. This produces a strong binding so the yearbooks can be enjoyed throughout the years. When selecting your covers, make sure you choose one that are just the right size so that the pages won’t fall out of the books. Both hardback and softback covers are available.
  • One thing you might want to consider when selecting your covers is whether you want them to be customized or not. There are a lot of options available including offset printing, embossing, foil printing, and so on. Just keep in mind that customized covers can be a bit pricey. If the cost becomes prohibitive, it doesn’t hurt to hold a fundraiser to get the funds you need. Also, if you do choose to get customized covers, you’ll need to order them a few months ahead of time since it takes a while for them to be produced.
  • Now that your yearbooks are printed and you have your covers have been selected, you can start binding them. Since you used thermal covers you’re going to need to use a thermal binding machine. Using this type is device is very easy. All you really need to do is turn the machine on and let it warm up, stick the document in, and give it a couple of minutes. You’ll have a bound yearbook in no time at all. Many thermal binding machines can bind more than one document at a time which is very convenient. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably need to crimp the spines of the yearbooks. This only takes a minute or so and it strengthens the spines so the books will last longer.

Although budget cuts have seemingly become a permanent of lifeBusiness Management Articles, you can still make sure that your students have yearbooks at the end of the year. Making your own can help you save a lot of money so you can continue this tradition. Good luck and have fun creating your own yearbooks!

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